5 Keys to Transitioning Well


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Let’s talk about transition! What is the secret sauce?

Every year, August rolls around and we wonder why does everything seem to be changing? Did you know that the number 8 biblically symbolizes “New Beginnings”? However your transition may appear, there are ways you can prepare well.

Maybe you are desiring a transition or maybe holding fast to what is coming that you’ve already known about. I can’t promise any transition will be easy but I can tell you the reasons for it go beyond what you can comprehend, there is always a “why” behind the move forward. The “why” might not be revealed right away but in due time, you will know.

Speaking from MUCH experience in the realm of transition, you learn to look for the signs (ex. how you feel, what God is saying or what you are dreaming). When this happens, you become more acutely aware of how to handle it, because you have been here before. Even if you have been in this space before, it doesn’t mean it will be the same experience (good or bad), it just means you can handle it. During this time, you are growing in your maturity and adaptability. You begin to understand that the best is yet to come.

Below are the 5 keys to transitioning well in any season, no matter the circumstance. Take time to sit down and journal your thoughts. Put pen to paper to help you get out of your mind and into your heart.

*5 Keys to Transitioning Well*

1. Look at your History.

What have you walked through before that you can glean from and be encouraged by? Most likely, you have been prepared for the next step. You have tools in your belt that will be utilized and new ones are be acquired in the midst of the transition.

2. What is your heart posture?

Are you going to leave something better than you found it, or are you just going through the motions inactivity (maybe even disengaged) waiting for the next best thing? Are you bitter or full of peace? Check your enteral temperature gauge with the Fruits of the Spirit for this one.

3. What is your motive?

Are you striving to transition or are you experiencing the grace of a door closing? Are you running from something or running into the new with open arms? If you are uncomfortable doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up the hat and move on.

4. What’s your perspective?

Are you only looking at the problem in front of you or are you looking at the bigger picture of what this could be, where this is leading you? Go higher, go deeper. Look at this from every angle, would that change your outcome? Would that change your heart posture? Most likely, you have been focused on one aspect of the transition. You are wired to see more than just the road in front of you.

5. What is God speaking?

Did he give you a dream or vision to prepare you or maybe it’s a simple nudge, an intuitive thought or action. That’s the Holy Spirit. Don’t overlook this one. Are your ears open and your mouth actively quiet? You do hear God, but you have to actively be engaged.

Let’s not be passive by sitting and waiting. Pressing in is like watering your garden, if you don’t do it, how will flowers bloom?

Be encouraged,


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