Highs & Lows of 2021


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I am lover of words, sharing honestly, aesthetically pleasing everything and singing too loud to Taylor Swift.
I want to live undignified, walk on the wild side and use all my God-given gifts because who said you can't have your cake and eat it too? 
Not me! 

Hi, I am Julianne! 

This year has been one for the books, heck it should have been made into a movie at this point. As I have been gearing up for this website launch, it’s mentally taken a toll on me. Health, it’s what seems to be an underlying theme that has needed laser focus. Somehow, there is a woven testimony in all of this so buckle up!

What an introduction right into my life huh? Told ya’ll I am holding nothing back here. It’s about to get gritty and real.  I do believe that the goodness of God can sometimes come out of left field and other times right around the corner from the fiery trials of hell. Because if He can do it for me, He can do it for you. Let’s start it from the top, shall we?

January 2021 

Low: Had a mild panic attack from a very sharp cramp-like pain that sent me to an immediate temperature spike in seconds and on the floor bent over in pain. This had been building up since fall of 2020 with mini moments similar but this was the icing on the cake to need help. 

High: Found out I had a parasite in my uterus among many other gut and hormonal related issues BUT, I was able to get help and received some herbal treatments that turned my life around within a week. #onlyGod

February 2021 

Low: My apartment flooded in the dead of the night during the very unexpected Texas #snowvid19 that gave me real PTSD vibes.

High: My renters insurance agent was a literal God-send that had me covered within 24hrs – mind you I didn’t even have a full time job at this point. Provision like no other. 

March 2021

Low: I moved around to 3 different airbnbs for almost 3 weeks and lived out of my car. 

High: Two weeks after I lost my apartment to the date, I had two job offers on the line that pretty much came out of nowhere. Also, I had a pre-planned trip to attend a Dream Interpretation conference in California that I had been looking forward to for 5 months, that I STILL got to go to. Talk about perfect timing to get away from the chaos of it all. 

April 2021 

Low: I never truly slowed down after my trip, I never really processed the loss of it all. I wasn’t sleeping all the way through the night for a long time. For me the processing is necessary, thankfully God has been gracefully working with me in this process. 

High: Settled into a new apartment and new job that was mostly remote for the month – which was also a God-send. I went back to see my herbalist to get a check up since the beginning of the year and all my results turned out normal and/or nothing was found in my body that was off. #praisebe

May 2021 

Low: Went through some relational lows and job stressors, opening a store with only one employee both happening at the same time. To say it kicked my butt is an understatement. 

High: I witnessed my friends showing up in the midst of a new and challenging season that gave me courage and hope to keep pressing forward. 

June 2021 

Low: Having my first migraine of my life take over for 3 days straight, not knowing what it was the whole time. Freaked me the heck out.

High: I got serious about (and pulled a big financial trigger) finishing the build out of this website after being spurred on at a creative night at a local church that made me feel less alone in moving forward into the dreams God has given me to set out and accomplish. 

July 2021 

Low: Working 12 days straight and covering for my lack of team members at work due to other circumstances, while my body and mind had some kind of issue every week that inhibited me from my normal lifestyle. Then, the last week of the month dealing with chest pain on my one weekend to rest, which didn’t seem to let up until this post.

High: Launching this damn website and blog because it’s been a long time coming. Believing that my breakthrough is around the corner because of it! 

As for the rest of the year, I am believing that it’s going to end better than it started. I am still believing I will continue to see the goodness of God come through even if it’s the last minute… in the 4th quarter with a hail mary pass. I refuse to settle for anything less than the best because I know that I know that the best is a promise. 

I hope this can encourage someone that He’s not done with you yet, your story is just getting started. 

– j 

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