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Hi, I am Julianne! 

So, I know that reading is so Y2K but your eyes need a break from the screen and your mind needs intellectual go-go juice! 

For almost a year now, I have been trying to read one book a month, could be under any category, any author. I have been wrecked each month that I have picked up a book, it has continued to feel like it was written for me for that exact moment in time. So without further a-do, let me give you my Top 2 Must-Reads of the Summer. I could have had a third on the list for ya, but I ended up re-reading one of these almost twice through, maybe next time! 

Book #1 

Wired to Hear by Shawn Bolz 

Here she goes, about to get real spiritual on you. This book ROCKED MY WORLD. I have been a big fan of Shawn for a few years now and believe he is such a pivotal asset to the Christian community. He is doing all things Kingdom in a way that I have never seen or heard done before and he is making everything he knows accessible to all because it is for the ALL. So who is he? 

“Shawn is a TV host, an author, producer and a Christian minister. He has been leading conversations in the church, entertainment industry, and in social justice that have helped believers connect their faith to culture in a transformative way.” 

Yes, I did in fact take that off his website – I can’t state his biography quite like he can! 

This man has shaped the way I view honoring, building, financial freedom, dream interpretation, creating and learning to hear God in the everyday. This book focuses on just as the title states, Wired to Hear but specifically in the marketplace. I have never read a book so fast in my life nor have I read a book that I relate to on almost every level. He makes it so practical to learn and understand how we hear God in the everyday and our decisions that we make in the workplace should be connected to hearing His voice. No matter what your job looks like, this is a must read. This kind of wisdom MUST be applied to our everyday lives so we can advance the Kingdom of God like we are intended to. I’ll leave you with a punch to the gut quote in order to convince you that you need to read as if my diary over it hasn’t been convincing enough! 

“ We are created with the instinct and revelation to connect to these original thoughts and desires of God, transforming culture, connecting people to Him, and aligning our industries to the original pattern God meant for them to display.” – SB

Book #2 

Fearless by Rebecca Minkoff 

If you are unfamiliar with this household designer brand name, time to get familiar. This woman has been an inspiration to me since she began building her empire of businesses. She is known for her luxury handbags but expanded quickly to much more. I am overjoyed she decided to write a book about her beginnings to her brand, Rebecca Minkoff.  

When someone inspires me, I will follow, like, comment, show up, get the autograph, take the picture – do whatever I can do to get in front of that person because they impact my creativity. And I did just that with Rebecca. My senior year of college, I found out last minute that she was doing a launch at Saks Fifth Ave in Tulsa, OK (my hometown) and I took off immediately. Probably skipped some classes, but I was a determined fashion merchandising student thinking I was going to do the fashion thing like Devil Wears Prada after graduating (which did kind of happen, I’ll save that for another time). I showed up by myself, scared out of my mind not knowing what to say to the woman and only owning a keychain wallet of hers because I was a broke a** college student that can’t afford luxury items, but really who can when your 20?

For proof she was in Tulsa, OK in 2012. Only thing missing is me!

I have a picture with her on my old apple laptop that no longer works. I can’t even access my photos from my usb drive because it wasn’t “photos” at the time, it was “iphotos”. Why they couldn’t keep it the same for the sake of all organized memories, I don’t know. I digress. IF I can ever access this photo, it will be added asap.

Yes, I know none of that is relevant to why you should read her book, but now you know why I am reading it. I am only 4 chapters in at this point and it already made my top 2, I think that should tell you enough. If you are wanting a light read to be inspired and encouraged by someone that had humble and small beginnings in an industry that is hard as hell, look no further. I’ll leave you with this nugget of gold; 

“We often shy away from following our dreams because we feel like they won’t be able to support us. But when we come from a place of purpose, no matter what we are doing, we walk away full and satisfied.” – RM 

Take that mic drop moment!

See the links below to add these to your Amazon cart asap, frfr. 

Wired to Hear / Fearless


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