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I am lover of words, sharing honestly, aesthetically pleasing everything and singing too loud to Taylor Swift.
I want to live undignified, walk on the wild side and use all my God-given gifts because who said you can't have your cake and eat it too? 
Not me! 

Hi, I am Julianne! 

I have been high key dreaming about what this would be like to have the website of my dreams for a few years now and God told me to pull the trigger in 2021. I haven’t felt this confident in what this is meant to be since this brand was birthed in 2018. For me, it’s been all about timing. I have been reformulating this brand for quite some time now and the only reason I can say that it never worked until this moment is because God. He kept changing up my plans and dreams – soon enough they kept getting bigger and more terrifying! 

There is so much to discover and learn through this process and so much I don’t know. But, what I am hanging onto is how it makes me come alive to be working on a dream bigger than myself. Building this myself hasn’t been easy, especially when you are dealing with an emotional, detail oriented, neat freak like me. The good news is, of course I am not alone in this – God is the best business partner you could have. So how could I possibly lose? 

Last year during quarantine, I found myself in la-la land. The amount of times I have prayed to have endless “free time” to create, write, build, rest, learn and read are more than I can count. I was able to truly slow down and pick up this dream of Illuminate Studios again. It was a time of sacred downloads, strategies and vision that I will never forget.

yup, this was quarantine life

If anyone reads this and feels as if they are “idea” driven all the time, it will make sense to you when I say I had many ideas come to me in the middle of the night. You have to take these things seriously, steward these thoughts and know they are not your own but God-given. You have to pray about it and surrender to it, again and again. 

Over this last month working on details of this blog has taken all my possible capacity and every halt that could happen has happened. It’s like it wasn’t supposed to launch the minute I set a date and said it out loud. Can anyone else relate? Keeping your Purpose and your Why in front of you is the only necessary thing you need to focus on when it’s crunch time.

Sure, I could follow (or YouTube) what other “bloggers” say about the start-up process of blogging to make it “successful” but that has never been my purpose or my MO. My purpose is doing it because I love it. I am driven to create and share what I am made to create and share. Your creative process/journey will never look like the person next to you nor should it.

I say all that to say knowing that I have started something that is not my own and willing to go the distance in whatever way that comes. 

Where I am sitting right now, I truly feel like I am coming alive.

 – j

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